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Our Founders

Marquis Carlo Tancredi di Barolo And Guilia di Barolo


        Our Co-Foundress

Mother Enrichetta Dominici

About School

St Ann's English Medium School, Bhanjanagar, is a Minority(Catholic) Educational Institution established by  the Congregation of the Sisters of St Ann of Providence in the year 2006 to give an all-round education to children  irrespective of religion,caste or creed. In carrying out the aims and objectives as a Minority institution, it reserve for itself its inherent and constitutional recognized rights of management and administration.

Aims & Objectives

The Congregation of the Sisters Of St. Ann was started in Italy, in 1834 by a pious couple of the Marquis Carlo Tancredi di Barolo And Guilia di Barolo for the Christian education of the poor and needy children and youth. They established schools as well as vocational centers to ensure that children and youth would grow, live in dignity and fulfill  their vocation as human beings who could contribute to the building of society according to the values of Jesus Christ.

The aim of St. Ann’s English Medium School is to impart a balanced and all-round education to promote the integral development of the personality of each student. This cherishes the value of dignity of each student as a child of God. It seeks to foster in the students an education based on the Gospel values and true values of our Indian culture. So it shapes its curriculum to inculcate in the students values such as love, brotherhood, justice , truth, honesty, simplicity, tolerance and compassion. It is keen on developing in them a sense of responsibility and sensitivity to the needs of the others and an attitude to face difficulties and the future with courage and optimism.

School Emblem

The School emblem depicts a lighted lamp with the motto "Love, Charity and Service". The lighted lamp symbolizes Divine Wisdom, His presence and Goodness. It is a symbol of self- sacrifice and optimism. It dispels darkness, guides one's steps toward right action and enlightens the mind and heart. Along with the lighted lamp the word "Love, Charity, and Service" call the student community to derive from Almighty God, the enlightenment that they need for being His true instruments of love, charity and service to mankind. Thus, it is the aim of the school to form the students into responsible adults who, in their journey through life, nourished by the Light of God's Presence within them, will work to build His Kingdom with the values of Love, Charity and Service


St Ann

School Patroness

The Patroness of the School is St. Ann, who is a great saint and model for all mothers and educators as her daughter Mary became the mother of Jesus Christ. St. Ann is also the chief  patroness of the School Management i.e., the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Ann whose lived in Italy from 1823-1894.Its was she who took the courageous step of sending the first six Sisters from Italy to start St. Ann’s Educational Institutions as well as Social Welfare Centers throughout India. We owe our gratitude to her.