1. Students are ordinarily admitted at the beginning of the academic year which commences in April. Exceptions to the above rule may be made at the sole discretion of the school authorities. In case of fresh admission on exceptional grounds to any class, however, school fees will be charged from the beginning of the school year even though the child is admitted any other time.
  2. Admission is left entirely to the discretion of the Principal. If seats are available admission are made.
  3. Age limit for admission to Nursery is minimum 2.6 years and maximum 3 years. Further, every child seeking admission must be introduced in person to the Principal by his/her parents/legal guardians and must pass an entrance examination if the Principal deems it necessary.
  4. Parents seeking admission for their child/children, must forward to the Principal an Application Form correctly filled in and signed by the Parents/Guardian, together with the copies of Birth Certificate and Transfer Certificate from the school last attended. No alteration will be made once the details have been entered in the Admission Register.
  5. Students coming from other states must get TC countersigned by the District Educational Officer of the respective state.
  6. Before withdrawal of a student, a month’s notice in writing must be given to the Principal or one term fee paid in lieu of the notice. A written application for the Transfer certificate must forwarded to the Principal. The new destination and the reason for leaving must be mention in the application.
  7. Transfer Certificate will be issued only after the pending dues are cleared. No duplicate TC will be issued.
  8. The students are advised to retain true copies of a Certificate submitted to or received from the office.
  9. School authorities have the right to refuse admission or continuation of studies to any candidate/student whose conduct, attendance or progress in studies is unsatisfactory such a.) Constant weakness in studies. b.) Irregular in payment of fees) Habitual late coming.